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Masamitsu Shibata
  • [bowl, blue and pop] H12 W24 D22 cm et al.
  • [RGB Bowl] H14 Ф30 cm

Shibata Masamitsu 

Masamitsu Shibata

1961 born in Toki-city, Gifu
1983 Graduation from Faculty of Business Administration, Ritsumeikan University
1985 Diploma, Tajimi City Pottery Design And Technical Center
1991 "TUCHI, message" IN Mino exhibition (' 95, ' 98)
1995 Selected for Nisshinfoods Contemporary Ceramics Noodle Bowls Grand Prize Exhibition(' 96, ' 97, ' 98)
  Selected for International Ceramics Festival Mino, Japan
1997 Selected for Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition
  Exhibited at International Ceramics Festival 1997 Kutani, Japan by invitation
  Selected for International Ceramic exhibition, Croatia Triennial
2003 Honorable mention in Izushi Ceramic Triennial
  Selected for Triennial International Cup (Croatia)
1996 Contemporary ceramics exhibition (Nagoya international convention facility) of IAC Japan meeting Tokai
1997 International ceramics fair ' 97 Kutani chinaware invitation exhibition
  Solo exhibition (Nagoya Ceramics Hall)
  Contemporary ceramics exhibition of Mino (Aichi ceramics museum) 
1999 Solo exhibition (Ashikaga Inui gallery)
2000 Solo exhibition (Ichinomiya Enkyo)
2002 Solo exhibition (Akasaka Inui gallery)
  Solo exhibition (Gifu Ishihara art)
  Mino ceramics exhibition exhibition (Tajimi-shi industry Cultural Center)
2004 Molding exhibition from "soil to Ceramic" (Meguro gallery / Mie)
Solo exhibition (TOSAI, Shinbashi / Tokyo)
  The Present Situation of Ceramic Art PartII (gallery VOICE / Tajimi)('07)
2008 Utsuwa - Now and Next (gallery VOICE / Tajimi)
2009 select & collect - Mainly Ushida collection- (gallery VOICE / Tajimi)
2013 The Present Situation of Ceramic Art RETURN OF ART FAIR TOKYO 2013 (gallery VOICE / Tajimi)
  The Present Situation of Ceramic Art PartⅩII (gallery VOICE / Tajimi)
2014 Mino ceramics 100 exhibition (Tajimi-shi industry Cultural Center)
Public collection
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Japan Foundation
  • Izushicho
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