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Tetsu Suzuki
  • The 3rd Ushida collection choice work [green ware vase] H35 W40 D40 cm


Tetsu Suzuki

1964 Born in Tajimi-city, Gifu
1988 Kyoto ceramist vocational school molding department graduation
2011 I was choiced for Mino Ceramic art work long years by preservation business (Tono bank credit association [Tajimi-city])
2012 Person of Gifu traditional culture succession achievement
Present Japan Kogei Association regular member, Japan Kogei Association Tokai Branch secretary
1991 after the 38th Japan folkcraft exhibition, it was selected 23 times
1994 after the 25th Tokai folkcraft exhibition, it was selected every year
1997 The 44th Japan Traditional Crafts Exhibition, Japan KOGEI Association regular Member Election
1999 The 30th Tokai Traditional Crafts exhibition "Gifu Board of Education prize" receiving a prize
2001 The 32nd Tokai Traditional Crafts exhibition "prize for Tokai  Traditional Crafts  exhibition" receiving a prize
2003 The 34th Tokai  Traditional Crafts exhibition "prize for Tokai  Traditional Crafts exhibition" receiving a prize
  The 50th Japan  Traditional Crafts  exhibition "rookie of the year title" receiving a prize
2005 The first Kikuchi Biennale "grand prix" receiving a prize (selected in '07)
  The 36th Tokai  Traditional Crafts exhibition judge invitation exhibition
2007 The 38th Tokai Traditional Crafts exhibition "prize for Tokai folkcraft exhibition" receiving a prize 
2008 The 39th Tokai Traditional Crafts exhibition judge invitation exhibition
  The 36th new work Ceramic art exhibition "Japan Kogei Association prize" receiving a prize
2009 The third Kikuchi Biennale "prize for encouragement" receiving a prize
2011 The 21st Japan Ceramic art exhibition ('03, candidate '05 (prize), '09)
2012 The 32nd traditional culture Paula Prize "prize for encouragement" receiving a prize
2015 The 62nd Japan Traditional Crafts exhibition "NHK's chairperson Prize" receiving a prize
2016 Winning association of Japanese ceramics prize
  The 11th paramita Ceramic art award exhibition
2017 The 64th Japan Traditional Crafts exhibition "green ware vase" Imperial Household Agency purchase
Public collection
  • Hyogo Ceramic art Museum
  • Musee tomo (Tokyo)
  • Ushida collection (Tajimi)
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