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Daisuke Yamagishi
  • [Receptacle of Boundary] H103 W52 D47 cm


Daisuke Yamagishi

1984 Born in Aichi
2006 The 44th Asahi Ceramic art exhibition ('07) 
2008 Graduated from Aichi University of Education
2011 The 9th international ceramics exhibition Mino bronze medal (selected in '08)
2013 The 1st TOBITEN exhibition choice containing
2014 The 10th international ceramics exhibition Mino Ceramic art section slope Shigeo Sakazaki ceramics prize
2008 "Now of the Tokai Contemporary ceramics" exhibition (Aichi ceramics museum)
2012 MINO CERAMICS NOW 2012 (Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu)
  The Present Situation of Ceramic Art PartXII (gallery VOICE / Tajimi) ('07) 
2014 Mino ceramics 100 exhibition (Tajimi-city industry Cultural Center)
  ASUTEN 2014 of the Mino Ceramic art (Minoyaki museum) 
  The present age, Ceramic art phenomenon (Ibaraki Ceramic art Museum)
Ceramic art which sees a true method to be connected to the world, and hears it, and feel
(Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu) 
2015 The 10th paramita Ceramic art award exhibition (Paramita museum / Mie)
  Wish upon a fire and myself (gallery VOICE / Tajimi) 
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