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Kei Wakao
  • The 5th Ushida collection choice work [Rectangular dish, celadon] H42 W95 D29 cm


Kei Wakao

1967 Born in Tajimi-city, Gifu, JAPAN
1993 Japan University art department photograph subject graduation
1995 Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Center completion
1997 The 14th Japan Ceramic art exhibition
  The 35th morning sun Ceramic art exhibition, excellent work prize
  The 2nd Izushi porcelain Triennale 
1998 The 5th International ceramics exhibition Mino '98 bronze medal
1999 20th century exhibition of the Ceramic art (Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park)
2004 Solo exhibition (Nagoya Matsuzakaya) ('07. 10.13)
  Solo exhibition (KURODATOEN/ Tokyo) ('06.09. 10.12)
2008 Solo exhibition (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi) ('11)
  "Now of the Tokai Contemporary ceramics by the rising ceramist"(Aichi ceramics Museum)
  Industrial artist Contemporary ceramics bowl exhibition of Mitsuo Masuda and 24 people (Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Head Office)
  CHATO- Presentation in modeling and design(gallery VOICE / Tajimi) 
2010 The 5th paramita Ceramic art award exhibition, award (Paramita Museum/ Mie)
  Over viewpoint tea party to modern industrial arts (National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo industrial art center)
2011 Contemporary ceramics art fair (Tokyo International Forum)
  The Present Situation of Ceramic Art PartVIII (gallery VOICE / Tajimi)
2014 Mainly on The Present Situation of Ceramic Art Form consisting of the clay - Ushida collection (gallery VOICE / Tajimi)
Celadon now
(National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo industrial arts building, Hyogo Ceramic art Museum, Shizuoka City Museum of Art, Yamaguchi Prefectural bush clover art museum, Urakami Memorial)
2015 East Asia tradition Ceramic art exhibition (KOCEF/ Korea)
2016 "PUNK"craft arts - Relief of soul (Rakusuitei/ Toyama)
Public collection
  • Hamilton Museum (Australia)
  • gallery VOICE (Tajimi)
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