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About Ushida collection


 "Ushida collection" is the business that the purchase of artworks mainly on the local Ceramic art artist saves as culture business of the mutual prosperity electric furnace mill.
 In "the Tajimi-shi culture studio gallery VOICE that we are given management administration in trust," I hold a lot of plan exhibitions mainly on the Ceramic ware symbolizing the area.
By the plan exhibition, I introduce a work of the Ceramic art artist catching the evaluation nationwide at various cut ends, but I purchase a work considered to be worth leaving it in those plans exhibition artist work by "Ushida collection" particularly in history and save it.
 An exhibition of the gallery VOICE introduces the work which I purchased and I serve and want to connect it with further development of the Ceramic ware culture and the PR of the town of the Ceramic ware at an opportunity to introduce as business to have publicity more in the future in art museum facilities.


 Father, Takeshi of Takuzo Ushida of the existing president founds the mutual prosperity electric furnace Seisakujo in Honcho Oribest lied of the Present. It is a founding place of the company, and the existing president has attachment in the Honcho Oribest lied that was born and raised by oneself, and the board member of the third sector "bloom willow", the vice-chairperson of the Tajimi-shi tourist association act, too. In addition, "the work production of the Ceramic ware is interested in MINO Ceramic art from a thought, "it is manufacturing" that the production of the furnace has the same, too, and Ushida continues supporting the hometown ceramist at the individual level.
 Management administration of the Tajimi-shi culture studio "gallery VOICE" on the third floor of the creation building is started as a designated manager from April, 2006 by thought to the turnout reproduction of the town. I reached the thirteenth year from an entry to full-scale culture business in April, 2018. I perform "Ushida collection" business from 2007 while I introduce Ceramic ware culture of the MINO by plan exhibitions widely and explore the business that I can leave it for in history.
 Through culture business of gallery administration and the collection only in the Ceramic production center with the maker only in the Ceramic production center, I contribute to PR and development of the MINO Ceramic art and am wanting to do social reduction of the company profit.
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