Tajimi City Cultural Atelier gallery VOICE
Gallery Voice has a mission to highlight ceramic artists through exhibitions. Those artists who face to clay to express their way of life and vision. 
Also, the gallery aims to spread information about art and craft. Be a place to gather people of different background and interact artists through symposiums and lectures. 
[news of the business resumption]
I received emergency declaration and did a temporary rest corridor from Monday, April 6,
I restart business from cause Tuesday, May 19 of the administrative advice.
Complete reservation systems of the entrance number of people restrictions and the overglazing experience to still avoid dense space for a while
Some aspects change before a corona whirlpool and will cause you inconvenience.
Sorry for your inconvenience, but please inquire for the details.
Request to a customer
Mask wearing, sterilization at the gallery entrance of the hand, thermometry with the non-contact type thermometer
There is that I ask next corridor certain all of you for cooperation a lot
Please understand measures to be relaxed, and to use it and mine to think of.
I do all the staff, every possible infection prophylaxis and am waiting for the next corridor.
2020 6.27sat-8.9sun
We introduce a Ceramic career and a work photograph of the artist.
Overglazing experience
You draw a picture on the favorite cloth freely, and there is "the overglazing experience" that an original Ceramic ware work can make.
What's New
Tajimi City Cultural Atelier gallery VOICE
〒507-0033 TOUTO-SOZOKAN 3F, 5-9-1, Hon-machi, Tajimi-city, Gifu-pref,507-0033 JAPAN
[business hours]  From 10:00 to 18:00
[regular holiday]    On Wednesday
KYOEI ELECTRIC KILNS CO., LTD. is given our gallery in trust from Tajimi-city by a designated manager system and manages it.