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I usually open a course in each lecture from Friday, October 1 in 2021.

In our gallery, I open a course in the lecture of various genres including silver & guru-dekoakusesari/wool felt/haganda embroidery/doll/.
Including the contents of the plan lecture that wish to participate in please feel free to contact us. TEL: Please refer than 0572-23-9901 or the following email form.

<gallery VOICE + voice studio> Joint plan lecture

■The sexagenary cycle doll [child] handicraft lecture [all twice]
<< during recruitment of student attending a lectures >>

I will open a course in "the sexagenary cycle doll [tiger] handicraft lecture" as a joint plan with the village voice studio of sisters shop, Azuchimomoyama ceramics.
I do a form structure in the village voice studio of Azuchimomoyama ceramics and, after the burning, do color reckoning in gallery VOICE.
 I can make a form freely and can do it until coloring by oneself! It is an annual special event.
Let's greet the New Year with the colorful original sexagenary cycle doll!

A date:  From Monday, November 1 to Sunday, November 28
     ①To 10:00 -② 13:00 -③ 15:00 - pivot reservation, each four frames
A place:   Village voice studio of Azuchimomoyama ceramics
     1-9-17, Higashimachi, Tajimi-shi, Gifu
Tuition:  One 3,000 yen
An application:   0572-25-2233
<color reckoning>
A date: Saturday, December 4, 5th Sunday ※It requires reservation for either one day
※Please consult about the planned person who does not fit. → tel: 0572-23-9901
Time:   ①10:00 ... or ② 13:00 ...
Place    sho:   Tajimi culture studio gallery VOICE

※The tuition will have it in the first voice studio. I cannot refund the tuition.

Wool felt lecture

Let's make the sexagenary cycle doll with wool felt! <daily experience> Lecture << during recruitment of student attending a lectures >>

I stab wool with a chikuchiku needle and handcraft the sexagenary cycle "tiger" of the next year doll.
How about for the rather famous figureheads such as the entrances?

A lecturer:   Mr. Norie Suzuki
Date : 12/2 13:00-15:00 reached the capacity on Thursday in 12/2 2021.
      2021 12/19 Sunday 10:00-12:00
Tool  :  Scissors (for the sewing)
Capacity : Eight every day 
Tuition :  2,000 yen (around 600 yen according to the material cost)
■ A felt handicraft lecture [all six times lectures] << during recruitment of student attending a lectures >>
I handcraft a pretty petty person with the felt which I made from soft and fluffy wool.
A lecturer:   Mr. Norie Suzuki
Date  :  Once a month, Thursday ※Please refer in a detailed schedule.
Tool  :  Scissors, towel, others
Capacity  :  Approximately ten people ※The offer is available for the end visit as soon as it becomes the capacity
Tuition :  10,000 yen (around 500 yen according to the material cost) ※For all six times
※The tuition collects it in the first time. I cannot refund the tuition

Gallery VOICE winter event child lecture

■<targeted for the small, a junior high student> Under recruitment of student attending a lectures who mend a cake plate [all twice lectures]
I tear off two colors of clay and stick it on a dome type and make the form☆
If it is colorful and, after the burning, does overglazing "the cake plate" where is good to Christmas fashion completion -(^ o ^)
In an original cake plate only for oneself, let's enjoy Christmas 2 times♪
A date:  A form structure: Saturday, November 13, 14th Sunday ※Either 1st
     Color reckoning: Saturday, December 4, 5th Sunday ※Either 1st
     (all twice)
Time:   10:00-12:00 (both Communist Party of Japan)
Capacity:  Ten every day
Object :  The small, junior high student (please consult about the person excluding it over a telephone)
Tuition :  One point of 2,000 yen
A tool:  Towel, the clothes which may become dirty

※The tuition collects it in the first time. I cannot refund the tuition.
Cake plate arrangement image

<2021 summer vacation plans>

It is product rou original clock with soil
It is product rou original clock with NEW soil! Part6 << during recruitment of student attending a lectures >>
ichikarazembu will make only one ceramics original clock in the world♪
I display the clocks of all and do an exhibition in gallery VOICE if completed!
I choose a particularly wonderful work as a prize from that and announce it in a venue☆
I show an idea only for oneself, and what kind of clock is done?
A schedule: Form; Saturday, July 3, Sunday, July 4     ※Either 1st
   Color reckoning Saturday, July 24, Sunday, July 25 ※Either 1st
Time: Part 10:00-12:00 of the morning, part 14:00-16:00 (all day co) of the afternoon
A rate: 2,800 yen (it includes materials charges, burning charges, tax)
Capacity: Each 15 time (60 people in total)
An object: Primary schoolchild
The application deadline: Until the day before ※I close it as soon as it becomes the capacity.
A belonging: Towel, the clothes which may become dirty
A commendation ceremony: Saturday, August 14 11:00 ...
An exhibition: Saturday, August 14 ~22 day Sunday
※The works of all the participants form a line. The handing over of the work is after 15:00 for 22 days.

Event summer-limited for 2,021 years

Tajimi rukomichi program
"It is My work with a transcription sheet! Product rou ... << student attending a lecture is easily raising works only for oneself ...≫

It is a lecture made with the wind-bell which is a summer feature.
Using ten colors of colorful transcription sheet, how about making the wind-bell to enjoy summer?
I cut a design in a favorite form and I just put it and can easily acquire a design!

A period: Saturday, May 30, Saturday, June 12, Sunday, June 13, Sunday, June 20
        Saturday, July 10, 11th Sunday, 18th Sunday
    It is Monday on 30th on Saturday on 28th on Friday for Friday, 27 days for Thursday, 20 days for Sunday, 19 days for Saturday, August 14, 15 days
Time: ①10:00-12:00 ② 13:00-15:00
   (working hour approximately one hour)
A rate: One/950 yen (a material cost, burning charges, tax-included)
Capacity: Each five time (first-come-first-served basis)

※On the day it is actually possible: I have on the preparations for approximately 15 minutes, but can experience it without making a reservation.
※Please consult about the hope in another schedule. (until August 31)

Clock lecture _ work sample
Form; the lecture scenery of the _ past
Past exhibition scenery

Silver & guru-dekoakusesari <periodical lecture>

Silver & guru-dekoakusesari lecture [all six times lectures] << during recruitment of student attending a lectures >>
Contents :  I make accessories using silver clay and guru-deko.
A lecturer: Look after Ando, and come; a teacher (association of Japanese noble metal clay)
The date and time: It is Saturday twice a month
Time: From 10:00 to 12:00
Tuition : 12,000 yen (material cost distinction) ※For all six times, three months

Her Dan garfish embroidery lecture

Reference work of a student
Her Dan garfish embroidery [all six times lectures]
Tradition embroidery of Norway. I do thread omission and feature the beautiful aestheometry which technique to make watermarks design in spite of being a cresset and various stitches put together. Will a teacher tell even the beginner carefully?
A lecturer: Takie Kawamura teacher (association of handicrafts spread instructor in Japan)
The date and time: Once a month (third Friday) time: 10:30-12:45
Capacity: Five people ※As it became the capacity, I just stop an offer.
Tuition :12,000 yen (material costs)
A tool: Mini-scissors for the embroidery 
Reference work of the teacher

Reservation, inquiry

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Example) Taro Yamada
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