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The Tajimi City Cultural Atelier gallery VOICE establishes the overglazing experience space of the ceramic ware. I draw a picture on the favorite cloth freely and can make the original work.
(experience-based time: for about 30 minutes for - around one hour)
■Rate guidance 
Experience charges 660 yen (tax-included) + item (the straight ground rent) 220 yen (tax-included) ...
※A price revised it from a 2023.4 month

※It takes experience charges 660 yen (tax-included) because of one item. (the tile magnet includes experience charges)
※Favorite cloth can choose the item, and the price varies according to a shape, size.
 Reference give me the following item introduction.
※Ten colors of paint for the overglazing is available freely.
■About the delivery of the work
The baking of the work is about one month later.
Please note that you cannot take it to go on the experience-based day.
When I wish to deliver it: It is 900 yen ... to five points of one postage Exit.
In the case of taking over: As you call after the baking of the work, please come for taking over.
■About making a reservation
Personal customer… I may experience it beforehand even if there is not making a reservation, but recommend making a reservation over the telephone as I may not accept it during the enforcement such as the case that preparations take for approximately 20 minutes or other events. Please feel free to contact us. 0572-23-9901
Customer of the group… As there is possibility not to keep an item in the case of making reservation that it is ten people or more, the decision of contents making a reservation within one month before the experience day, please.
(the experience-based number of people: up to 45)

Flow of the overglazing experience

Customer of the group

You use it in all of school PTAs or a children's association, one thing of the trip in the company.
Customer of the group… As there is possibility not to keep an item in the case of the reservation that is higher than ten people, I would like the decision of reservation contents within one month before the experience day.
(the experience-based number of people: up to 45)
Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Reservation, inquiry

The name ※required
Example) Taro Yamada
Furigana ※required
Example) Yamada Taro
Phone number ※required
Example) 090-1234-5678 ※The experience-based number that on the day is easy to get through including the cell-phone
Address ※required
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※I reinput it for confirmation
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