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Exhibition notice

The The Present Situation of Ceramic Art Mainly Ushida collection 2019 summer

| A period: 2019. 7.13 sat-8.12 sun
| Artist: Takashi Ikura, Tsubusa Kato, Tomoko Kawakami, Hiroshi Sakai, Tetsu Suzuki, Mio Takatsu, Harumi Nakashima, Kei Wakao


Exhibition notice

It is clock otsukuttayo exhibition Part4 with New soil

"It is product rou original clock with NEW soil a gallery VOICE summer vacation plan! The exhibition of the ceramics clock which primary schoolchildren made with Part4 lecture. Only one clock is colorful and lines up in the world that I made with an idea only for oneself. 
| A period: 2019. 8.17 sat-8.25 sun
| A commendation ceremony: 2019. 8.17 sat-11 00 ... (two points of one point of gold medal, two points of silver medals, three points of bronze medals, judge special prizes, staff Prize):

I am sending the latest information of the exhibition in Instagram(galleryvoice).


Past exhibition

YOI - a variety of forms PartII

 | A period: 2019. 4.27 sat-6.23 sun
 | 408 artist <as for the artist list>
It is an exhibition having you exhibit plan exhibition "YOI - a variety of forms partII" at our gallery and artist of 408 people whom there was of the relationship along a theme.
"Get drunk on liquor under the theme of "is good" this time," the "good time in/is good" "evening" of the good or bad…I had you produce it for nado, free interpretation and an idea.
[YOI - a variety of forms partII] venue scenery
Venue scenery
Talk event scenery
Talk event scenery
Exchange meeting scenery
Exchange meeting scenery

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