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Mio Takatsu
  • [Grass knowing the wind] H74 W84 D43 cm other Photographed by Saiki Taku
  • [work-0803] H25 W61.5 D24 cm Photographed by Tanaka Gakuji
  • [-0901 to have habitation there] H21.5 W54.5 D22 .5cm Photographed by Tanaka Gakuji


Mio Takatsu

1976 born in Gifu, Japan
1999 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts (Sculpture) , (Osaka, Japan)
2001 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts Graduate School (Osaka, Japan)
Solo Exhibition
2007 Gallery Inui Akasaka / Tokyo, Japan
2009 ICHINOSE Hirota Memorial Museum of Art / Gifu, Japan
  Gallery Inui Akasaka / Tokyo, Japan
2010 Gallery SUKI / Aichi, Japan
2011 The 57th Faenza international Ceramic art exhibition choice containing  
  Winning the 21st Japan Ceramic art exhibition Mainichi News paper prize
  KOBE Biennale 2011 Contemporary ceramics competition judge special prize
2005 A Mino ceramics exhibition (Tajimi-shi industry Cultural Center) ('08/ gallery VOICE)
2007 Interior and art exhibition of ceramics and the glass (Seto-city new century industrial arts center / Aichi)
  The Present Situation of Ceramic Art (gallery VOICE / Tajimi)
2008 THE DAUER COLLECTION (University Library Gallery/California)
2009 Women ceramic artists who bear the 21st century (Paramita museum / Mie)
  select & collect - Mainly Ushida collection (gallery VOICE / Tajimi)
2012 MINO CERAMICS NOW 2012 (Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu)
  Feeling - 2012 Ceramic, New Generation (Takashimaya art art gallery / patrol exhibition) of the beauty
2014 Light Nitten (Mino Ceramic Art Museum,Tajimi) of the Mino Ceramic art ('15)
  Mino ceramics 100 exhibition (Tajimi-city industry Cultural Center)
2015 Imaging the Blue and White-The Impact of the New (New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum / Taiwan) 
2017 From this of KOGEI ten (the seventh floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi gallery / Tokyo)
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