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Akito Morino
  • The first Ushida collection choice work [W.O.O. 2002 5]
  • The first Ushida collection choice work [W.O.O. 2002 5]
  • W.O.O. arabesque

Morino Akito

Akito Morino

1969 I am born in Kyoto
1993 Osaka University of Arts art department Ceramic art course graduation
1995 Kyoto City University of Arts Graduate School art graduate course completion
  I receive training in a forest of the Shiga Ceramic art
1999-2006 Kyoto Seika University part-time teacher
2000-2006 Kyoto University of Art and Design part-time teacher
1998 The fifth International ceramics exhibition MINO '98 silver medal 
2007 The 2006 Kyoto-shi art rookie of the year title
2012 The 22nd Takashimaya Art Direction Award
1994 Exhibition by four artists (National Museum of Art/Osaka) of the recent work exhibition 17 clay work
1996 '96 new star art selection exhibition (Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art/Kyoto) '98, '00, '02, '05
  Young standard-bearers of the Contemporary ceramics (Aichi ceramics museum/Aichi)
1997 faentsua international Ceramic art exhibition (faentsua/Italy)
  Feeling crafts (Takashimaya/Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Yokohama) of the fourth beauty
1998 The '98 new star art selection exhibition (Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art/Kyoto)
  Molding exhibition of the Present of the Ceramic art (ria arc Museum/Miyagi)
  The fifth International ceramics exhibition MINO '98 silver medal receiving a prize
  Viewpoint (Osaka Prefectural contemporary art center/Osaka) of the '98 art gallery
2001 The Kyoto arts and crafts new star selection exhibition "wave that 2001 is new" (Kyoto culture Museum/Kyoto)
  Contemporary ceramics 100 years exhibition "development of the Japanese Ceramic art" (Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu/Gifu)
2003 Bloom (Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum/Ibaraki) of the Contemporary ceramics
  Genealogy (Museum of Art, Kochi/Kochi) of the radical tachi Contemporary ceramics of TOSA, TOSA 2003 Contemporary ceramics, 14 people
2006 Seika (Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum/Ibaraki) of Japanese Ceramic art 100 years
2007 Play bowl exhibition/gallery Utsuwakan (Kyoto) ('08, '09, '10)
  <material X technique> From this form - Ceramic -/gallery VOICE (Tajimi)
  Is the Kyoto beauty nakamura/gallery; put on (Kyoto); ('08)
2008 /gallery Kyoto berettsua which there is Ceramic art here fried Japanese Kyoto ceramic ware/today
2009 One side of the story exhibition/gal Lee Tazawa (Kyoto)
  select&Collect- Mainly Ushida collection -/gallery VOICE (Tajimi)
  "Three Ceramic art exhibition - elephant - to stand in a row"/Wako (Tokyo)
  Takara mono/Takashimaya (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto) to the future
  Power/National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo of viewpoint - decoration to modern crafts
2010 Solo Exhibition "plan - Akito Morino exhibition of the decoration"/Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park Museum
  Bloom SAKU vessel exhibition/gallery product (Kyoto)
  Vessel exhibition/gallery Utsuwakan (Kyoto) of the Kaiseki
  paramita award exhibition/paramitamyujiamu
2013 Challenge/Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Ceramic art building to Ceramic ware of the new age (Shiga)
2015 Kyoto ceramic ware each generation exhibition - succession and development/Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art (Kyoto)
Public collection
Forest, Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu, the Japan Foundation of the Shiga Ceramic art, Kyoto culture Museum,
Ishikawa Prefectural Kutani ware technology training institute, Seminecho, Miyagi farm village environment improvement center, the Miyagi Prefectural Police wait lodgings,
 DOKUZ EYUL University (Turkey), Argentine Museum of Modern Art, Japanese house
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