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Toshimi Imura
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Imura Toshimi 

Toshimi Imura

1961 Osaka birth
1984 Kanazawa College of Arts sculpture department graduation
1985 Tajimi technical high school ceramics non-degree graduate program completion
I am invited by an international Ceramic art meeting in Argentina
Gifu Prefectural Tajimi technical high school non-degree graduate program (ceramics science art department) duty
1988 Japan modern Ceramic carving exhibition Winning maketto special prize (Toki) 
1993 The 21st Choza prize Ceramic art exhibition Winning Choza prize (Tokoname)
1994 the 1st Shigaraki Ceramic art exhibition Winning  award
1995 The 4th international ceramics exhibition Mino '95 Ceramic art section, grand prix receiving a prize
2003 Faenza international Ceramic art exhibition choice containing
1996 "Young jockeys of the Contemporary ceramics" (Aichi ceramics museum)
1997 Solo Exhibition (Mizunami-city Ichinose Hirota memory Museum)
  Contemporary ceramics of the MINO <a tradition and creation> (Aichi ceramics museum)
1999 Morphology of Present - soil of the Ceramic art (Nihonbashi Takashimaya) 
2002 INSIDE OUTSIDE WORKS exhibition (Ichinokura Sakazuki art museum)
2003 Challenge exhibition of a design and the art (Museum of Modern Ceramic Art / Gifu)
  Japan Foundation clay work exhibition
2004 Molding exhibition -PartI from "soil to Ceramic:" MINO (Meguro gallery / Mie)
  Solo Exhibition (Hanbara Printmaking museum / Gifu)
  MINO ceramics now 2004 (Museum of Modern Ceramic Art, Gifu)
  Art object - modern industrial 11 people  of the heartlessness (National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo industrial arts center)
  Molding exhibition -Part1 from "soil to Ceramic:" MINO (NIKI gallery SATSU)
2005 "Modeling made from the palm in Tajimi " exhibition
  "MINO ceramics exhibition" Tajimi-city plan exhibition
2006 Than a flower industrial arts (National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo industrial arts center)
  Molding In BIRITISH COLUMBIA exhibition of the palm
  Emily curl art fair, SOFA CHICAGO 2006, SOFA NEW YORK 2007 (DAI ICHI GYARLLY)
2007 The Present Situation of Ceramic Art -Form consisting of the clay PartIII (gallery VOICE / Tajimi) 
2008 "MINO ceramics exhibition" Tajimi-city plan exhibition exhibition
2009 select & collect- Mainly Ushida collection- (gallery VOICE / Tajimi)
2016 Solo Exhibition (gallery naufu / Gifu) ('04,07,10,13)
2018 Solo Exhibition (space Ohara / Tajimi) ('07,12,15)
Public collection
  • Shigaraki industry pavilion
  • Mizunami-city
  • Mino Ceramic Art Museum,Tajimi
  • Gifu Prefectural Contemporary ceramics Museum
  • Faenza international ceramics Museum
  • The Japan Foundation
  • National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo industrial arts center
  • Misiones national university (Argentina)
  • Ushida Collection (Tajimi)
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