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[8/23-9/12] Announcement of temporary rest corridor
<announcement of temporary rest corridor>
While an exhibition stimulates preparations of "the dispatch The Present Situation of Ceramic Art from MINO,"
The cause of instructions administrative as for the prevention of spread by emphasis measures,
I will grind a temporary rest corridor until from Monday, August 23 to Sunday, September 12.
With that, I change an exhibition in a schedule of "the dispatch The Present Situation of Ceramic Art (just) from MINO".
I apologize to all of you whom I have already guided for the inconvenience very much, but would appreciate your understanding.
Schedule/from Saturday, September 4 to Sunday, November 7
Schedule/from Monday, September 13 to Sunday, November 7
※In addition, the special lecture "Ceramic ware lecture" of Saturday, September 18 is scheduled at the present (8/21). <require reservation>
In the case of a rescheduling, I will tell you at any time in HP.

As the office is open during temporary closure, please refer for any unclear points.
I do it with no lecture about an overglazing experience, each lecture. Thank you for your understanding. 
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