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The Present Situation of Ceramic Art Mainly Ushida collection 2018 fall

The Present Situation of Ceramic Art - Form consisting of the clay -PartXV
"Ushida collection" is the business that I purchase it mainly on local artist as culture business of the KYOEI ELECTRIC KILNS CO., LTD. and store. 
A period: 2018.9.15(sat) - 10.21 (sun)
Takuya Ogi 
Hiroshi Sakai 
Tetsu Suzuki 
Mio Takatsu 
Harumi Nakashima 
Yosuke Yamaura 
Kei Wakao
■The workshop "molding expression of the slurry casting"
A lecturer: Yosuke Yamaura 
Venue scenery
Venue scenery
Workshop scenery
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