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Wish upon a fire and myself

Wish upon a fire and myself
-Tomorrow's ceramists expressing it in now of 2015
An exhibition of the Takahiro Kaneshima supervision of representative from FEC, the art Beijing art director.
I reflect the pure expression of the builder opposite to soil without being seized with a theory and a concept.
※One paragraph to come up to "the window of the life" which "Wish upon a fire and myself" - Kanjiro Kawai published from Nishimura Bookstore of Kyoto in 1948.
Momoka Imanishi 
Yuna Iwata 
Yuri Ogino
Tomomi Tanaka 
Yosuke Doi 
Makiko Hattori
Aya Mori
Daisuke Yamagishi
"The world to see from work and an object"
A symposium coordinator: Takahiro Kaneshima
A panelist: Momoka Imanishi, Aya Mori
Wish upon a fire and myself symposium
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